Artmobia takes no commissions from sales of artworks. Instead, artists, galleries, residencies, curators, art writers and other users may choose from a range of options for annual subscriptions.

Artist subscriptions

Artists may choose from the following two options. After becoming members, artists will receive login information so that they can update and maintain their pages independently.

1. Individual Artmobia page featuring nine images and full text area, along with use of all Artmobia features and optional occasional takeovers of the Artmobia Instagram account: $10 per month, paid all at once for one full year at a time.

2. Individual Artmobia page featuring one image, a limited text area and use of all Artmobia features: free, but Artmobia reserves the right to delete inactive free accounts after one year. A free account can become a paid account at any time.

Please note that artists who choose the $10 subscription option are permitted up to four free page updates or edits per year (e.g. substituting or adding images, altering or adding texts, etc.). More than four page updates will incur a small fee. Artists who choose the free subscription option will incur a small fee following two free updates.

Please also note that some artist pages on Artmobia are set up by galleries or are honorary accounts.

Gallery or Art Residency subscriptions

Galleries and art residencies have the same types of accounts on Artmobia, and they appear together in our filtered list on the LEARN page. These subscriptions feature individual Artmobia pages with a gallery or residency logo image and full text area, along with use of all Artmobia features and optional occasional takeovers of the Artmobia Instagram account. They are $21 per month, paid all at once for one full year at a time.

Galleries or residencies wishing to sell or showcase works by individual artists must create artist profiles for them using the 'purchase additional artist accounts' button. These additional pages are $10 per month and have the same usage privileges as regular $10 Artmobia artist accounts (see above).

Curator / Art Writer / Blogs & Websites subscriptions

Artmobia offers free subscriptions to curators, critics, art writers, bloggers, art website administrators, and other arts professionals to help them connect with artists, galleries, residencies, and one another, and to give them a new place to share and seek out information.

These profile pages feature one image, a text area where members can describe themselves and their work, and use of all Artmobia features, such as sharing links for reviews, events and opportunities.

These profile pages work like the free artist pages described above are permitted up to two free page edits or updates per year. Members with these accounts who would like to add more images can consider account option similar to the $10 artist option (see above).

Patron subscriptions

It is possible to maintain a user account on Artmobia as a collector or fine arts consultant without having a profile page. These accounts are free and allow members to take advantage of some Artmobia features, such as saving images to their drawers and sharing news and reviews.


Artmobia welcomes submissions of diverse artworks across a range of media that demonstrate formal innovation and engagement with relevant discourses in contemporary art. Your artwork will be reviewed by our panel of curators and advisors.

To maintain standards of quality and ease of use for all artists, galleries and other users, Artmobia is a juried website and cannot accept all submissions.

There is no fee to submit materials for consideration to Artmobia, and artists not accepted are welcome to submit again at another time with a different body of work.

When you submit materials, please send Artmobia up to nine images for consideration along with a brief statement or bio and link to your website.

Image details to best take advantage of the space given on a page:

• 2000 pixels wide or high
• 72 dpi, up to 2mb

Artist videos can be submitted as Vimeo or YouTube links.