I’m aiming for the image that is awkward, uncomfortable, or feels off, to profit from its ability to puncture one’s psyche. The juxtapositions in imagery in fashion, advertisements, info-graphics in signs, windows, and reflections in glass interest me greatly.

I hope that if someone is able to take a step into the stage that is my painting, the narrative that was previously being formed from the recognizable elements will be slowly but surely, undone. The backdrop becomes the actor, while the actor becomes the backdrop.

Born in Bronxville NY, 1980. Being half Hong Kongnese and half Italian, early years were spent traveling between New York and Hong Kong. He studied painting at Pafa and his MFA at the New York Studio School. Solo exhibitions in: Cipa Gallery and the US Embassy in Beijng; Gallery Osper in Cologne and group shows at Projektraum Knut Osper; and in Eric Firestone Loft. Residencys with full fellowships to Gwangju Museum of Art Beijing Residency, Vermont Studio Center and The League’s Residency at Vytlacil.